Sydney Fireworks Photography 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Sydney New Year Eve spectacular fireworks weighted 7 tonnes, costed $6.6 million AUD and had an audience of 1.6 million people live around the Sydney Harbour, 2.3 million across the country and more than a billion around the globe. Pop princess Kylie Minogue helped choosing the theme of the fireworks – Embrace – the colour scheme and soundtrack. She was also the one who pushed the button!

But who captured the most spectacular photo of the Sydney New Year Eve Fireworks 2013?


Most popular photos (like it or not, by now they are everywhere – the only reason for which you might not have seen it is that you don’t have a Facebook account):

city of sydney city of sydney2Image Courtesy of City of Sydney

A great ‘kiss’ version offers us David Gray, from Reuters:


                                                                        or Damian Shaw, from AAP:

AAP Damian Shaw

but I highly admired the shoots of Cameron Spencer, Getty Images, as well:


getty cameron



i like cameron

Tom Gray, Reuters, chooses also a city perspective:

city perspective

A unique display was captured by Tim Wimborne, from Reuters:

tim reuters


My breath was taken away by the less comercial image featured above from City of Sydney:

(I’m quite curious by now who are the City of Sydney‘ photographers -credits should be in order!)

Attila Szilvasi’s composition is also impressive:

Attila Szilvasi

One of the few vantage point photos belongs to Edwina Pickles, from Sydney Morning Herald:


while the shoot of Rohan Kelly, from Sunday Telegraph, brings in a little bit of a vanishing point perspective :


Greg Wood, AFP, takes over the early fireworks:


Sydney Photographers

Sydney-based photographer Vincent Lai teaches an amazing lesson when obtaining some wonderful images with a tiny point and shoot camera, and hand holding it:


Also, Rachel Greig‘s Instagram-inspired capture of the 9 pm family-oriented fireworks is just lovely:

rachel greig

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  1. Scott said:

    Their cash went up in a flash

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