Photography Course @ the Centre for Continuing Education

The Centre for Continuing Education at Sydney Uni offers a new course on photography: Learn Photography Online Course: The Complete Guide to Photography Basics The course will run between 4 March – 1 August (5 months), includes 12 assignments, and promises to teach you heaps on: the anatomy of a camera, features, image stabilisation; camera parts, device terminology, accessories; exposure; understanding exposure; shutter speeds, aperture and ISO and their creative use; focussing techniques and more – which makes it a total hit for a beginner! The tutor is Robin Nichols (great photographer – check out his blog) who has a great experience in teaching (a blog on his workshops and photo tours here – you might one a keep an eye open for future opportunities!)

However, the class is 100% online (if there is any personal attention span that you are aware of which might affect your online learning capabilities, think twice). The price is also a little bit up for an online class: $450 AUD.

Check out here a tutorial sample to know what to expect:

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