Apple iPad Course for Photographers

Remember mentioning how cool is Robin Nichols? The Centre for Continuing Education at Sydney Uni  offers a new course taught by him – this time a ‘live’ one. The course is 7 hours long, it focuses on iPad photography and it lasts for only one day – 25 January. If you are interested, you should hurry up! (The cost is of $225)

However, the course is pretty basics (it teaches you how the Apple iPad and the iOS5 platform work, how to transfer pictures and videos into, how to use the iPad’s internal camera settings, and how to buy, add and use some apps). It looks to me like nothing you haven’t already learnt since the day you bought your tablet.

But it would be a good opportunity to meet Robin, have a good chat, find out some insights on phonetography or general tips on shooting.

However, I’d like to seize the chance to underline that not only the smartphones won terribile grounds in photography, but also the tablets. Although I grant them the beautiful, big screens with displays of superior quality (just think about the iPad with a retina display! using big screens or wall projections to check out the quality of some photos doesn’t make a lot of sense now), I find them difficult to handle (yeah, it’s the big screen again!)

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