Grab your camera @ Sydney Festival

Don’t forget: despite of Sydney Festival 2013’s lack of photographic events or photography competions, you should grab your camera and make the most of your photo skills!

Shoot as many as you like, go Facebook, Flickr and Instagram, search for @sydney_festival and share all your awesome pics! When uploading, just add: ‘#sydfest’. Search for the hashtag to check out other photos took by the public – is not amazing to see how the exactly same event can look so increbily different through somebody else eyes/lenses?

Also, most of the events have their own webspaces (blogs, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram). Usually, you can get such info at the event’s venue (just grab a program or ask the cool volunteers there). If you got yourself too absorbed by the show (and by your camera, hopefully), you could just searched online afterwords (starting with the event title or the troop performing might be a good hint 🙂 )

For instance, “Notes for Walking” goes online as #notesforwalking, and “Micro Parks” can be find both as #microparks and #performancespace (being presented by Performance Space).

You know what would be quite awesome? A post festival exhibit with public’s best online photos!


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