“Notes for Walking” post-impressions

As I was saying yesterday, or the other day, or any day since I’ve done it, “Notes for Walking (the space in between time)” totally rocks.

It’s an amazing multimedia installation (text, photo, video, audio) that you can both watch at the Mosman Art Gallery and experience later on your smartphone/iPad while walking around at Middle Head Reserve near Mosman (you can skip the first part, but the second one it’s a ‘don’t miss’ for anyone with good mobility!)

Ultimately, “Notes for Walking” is an artistic and introspective journey in which you’ll be led by a smarthphone app (preferably download it before you get there – 60MB; I’ve did it at the Gallery – they are kindly offering great free wifi and took me only 2 mins).

The tour takes you in the heart of the Middle Head National Park – Corner Old Fort Road and Govenors Road – to explore several parts of the site: the Gate, the Outer Fort, the Inner Fort and the Cabin. Old naval fortitifications with mysterious tunnels and cannels and mazes, they are all architectural and historical jewels waiting to be admired. Positioned on harbourside cliffs, they offer breathtaking views of the Sydney Harbour, too.

At any time, you can check your app for the artist’s notes. Megan Heyward, ’cause she’s the creator of ‘the magic’, prepared various sets of images, texts, video and audio fragments to be watched on each of these spots. It’s an amazing experience interacting with her pieces of art at the sites they’ve inspired them.

Likewise, the quietude of the space, the height, the beauty of the landscape is an invitation to meditation by itself for all the visitors, turning their introspections in parts of the artistic journey.

Don’t miss this chance to get inspired! Take some photos and write your own messages while explore the Middle Head.

SydneyFieldTripper shares her impression here.

I’ve already posted my Instagram-inspired (to keep the digital media mood) photo essay here. The poem accompanying it just wrote itself in my heart while looking to the world from the Middle Head fort.

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