Tim Walker – ‘a Peter Pan, a daydreamer, a fantasist’

‘Tim started taking pictures as a teenager, after moving to Devon with his parents and brother: “I think I was interested in pictures from the day I was born,” he says. “I always loved the illustrations in children’s books more than the stories themselves.” Photography was, and is, “a way to communicate. I could see things in my head that I wanted to express, but I didn’t know how to communicate them if they didn’t exist. It was a mood I could feel, or a mixture of a memory and an imaginary thing that I wanted to…” He trails off, fumbling for a way to phrase it. […] But the point of fashion is that you take the picture you want. And fashion is the only photography that allows fantasy, and I’m a fantasist. I love beautiful clothes – but I couldn’t give a monkey’s what’s on the catwalks.”‘ (Tim Walker, fashion photographer, and the Brit Vogue, June 2008)

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