Photoshop for iPhones!

I’m super über excited for this huge step in phonetography:

Remember that last year Adobe officially launched Photoshop Touch for the iPad and Android-powered tablets? It was priced at $10, and its features included layers, selection tools (refine edge is here!), adjustments, and filters, as well as a new Scribble Select, pretty handy if you needed to keep and remove elements of an image. Unfortunately, the max resolution was of 1600X1600, which didn’t bring it any stars.

Well, Adobe just announced that Photoshop Touch is now available for Android and iOS smartphones, as well as for the iPod touch. What does it offer you on top of the previous version:

  • work on files up to 12 megapixels with higher resolution capabilities (don’t bitch – Adobe announced is pretty proud of this!);
  • use your mobile device camera to fill an area on a layer;
  • sync files to Adobe Creative Cloud™ and open them in Photoshop to see your layers.

Apparently, this is what you could do with a smart phone and the Photoshop Touch, but I’d take it with a grain of salt:

Adobe Photoshop Touch Now Available for iOS and Android Phones photoshoptouch1

..or a whole bag of salt, as a matter of fact:

Adobe Photoshop Touch Now Available for iOS and Android Phones photoshoptouch3

But for only $5 – that’s the price of this babe! – I think I might go wild and take my chances 🙂

At the end of day, there are amazing artists out there who take unique photos with Instagram – that so-called pros with last generations of Nikons and Canons are not even hoping to capture. Who knows what they will come up with now?!?

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