“More Than Human”

“More Than Human” is the title of an astonishing photographic series signed by Tim Flach. It features intimate studio portraits of different animals, usually exotic ones, tackling the similiarities, more than most of us can imagine, between humans and animals.

They are beautiful. They are delicate. They are powerful and powerless. They are fragile. They are clever. They are loving and caring. They are fearless and fearful.

They are just like humans.

They are more than human.

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“Although drawn from different animal species, Tim Flach brings his subjects into such close focus that we begin to read their poses and gestures as we would the body language of a human figure, face or hand […] We find ourselves irresistibly drawn into a distinctly anthropomorphic tête à tête, suddenly able to see eye to eye with a curiously kindred species whose behavior is not unlike our own.”

The description of Tim Flach’s work on his website

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