iPhone Photography Awards 2013

Here are the winners of the 7th edition of the  iPhone Photography Awards:

article-2398572-1B62E3E0000005DC-471_964x944First place: Holly Wesley, Argyll, Scotlandarticle-2398572-1B62E3B7000005DC-94_964x721 Second place: Brolin Roney, Indian Holi (celebration of colors) festival at the Spanish Fork in Utah

article-2398572-1B62E39B000005DC-896_964x717Third place: Bob Weil, Newport Beach, California, “The Girl in the Snowstorm” taken in St Petersburg, Russiaarticle-2398572-1B62E3FB000005DC-771_964x943 First place, Animals: Jon Resnik, Brooklyn, New Yorkarticle-2398572-1B62E3CC000005DC-970_964x944 First place, Still Life: Daniel Felipe Fonseca, Porto Salvo, Portugalarticle-2398572-1B62E3AB000005DC-316_964x941 First place, Flowers: Britta Hershman, Virginia Beach, Virginiaarticle-2398572-1B62E3D7000005DC-815_964x941First place, Seasons: David Rondeau, Stoneham, Massachusettsarticle-2398572-1B62E3EC000005DC-509_964x940 First place, Travel: Jenny Friedman, New York City, “The Sweeper” taken in Moroccoarticle-2398572-1B62E413000005DC-486_964x718First place, People: Kim Hanskamp, Barcelona, Spainarticle-2398572-1B62E407000005DC-371_964x940 First place, Architecture: José Luis Barcia Fernandez, Madrid, Spain article-2398572-1B62E470000005DC-598_964x705First place, Landscape: Maegan Moore, Charlottesville, Virginiaarticle-2398572-1B62E423000005DC-951_964x944First place, Lifestyle: Luyu Hung, Berkeley, California, photo of a woman on a surfboard in the canals of Venice Beach, Californiaarticle-2398572-1B62E498000005DC-660_964x716 First place, Food: Massimo Calogero, Bresciaarticle-2398572-1B62E47C000005DC-3_964x943 First place, Trees: Mark Simone of Vancouver, Canadaarticle-2398572-1B62E488000005DC-506_964x718First place, News/Events: Mohammed Radhi, Tubli, Bahrainarticle-2398572-1B62E364000005DC-469_964x940 First place, Children: Yvonne Naughton, La Conner, Washingtonarticle-2398572-1B62E4A8000005DC-803_964x718 First place, Nature: Tomas Stankiewicz Baldassarri, Margine Coperta, Tuscany, Italyarticle-2398572-1B62E384000005DC-518_964x714 First place, Sunset: Angel Jiminez, New Yorkarticle-2398572-1B62E41B000005DC-767_964x941First place, Others: Lisa Jay, Sydney, Australia

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