Berger with Bresson

“The only thing about photography which interests me, he says, is the aim, the taking aim,

Like a marksman.

Do you know the Zen Buddhist treatise on archery? Georges Braque gave it to me in ’43.

I’m afraid not.

It’s a state of being, a question of openness, of forgetting yourself.

You don’t aim blind?

No, there’s the geometry. Changw your position by a millimeter and the geometry changes.

What you call geometry is aesthetics?

Not at all. It’s like what mathematicians and physicists call elegance, when they’re discussing a theory. If an approach is elegant it may be getting near to what’s true.

…What counts in a photo is its plenitude and its simplicity…”

John Berger, from “Henri Cartier-Bresson”, Aperture, No 138, 1995


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