“Ellöh” gets reviewed!

Ellöh presents 4 images of disintegrating fruit and vegetables crossing with the human experience, bearing all the signs of decay, deconstruction, and utter lifelessness. They are carefully nailed on the outer space grey wall, situated next to the real rotting vegetation dangling from nail hooks. These works and exhibition decoration perfectly capture the essence of death in everyday situations – the decomposition of vibrant colour to black and solid form to shriveling demise. These objects are ticking time bombs of nature, waiting to lose their nutrients, slowly desolving into nothing but a memory of growth, a now withered symbol of existence. Miroiu uses her medium to explore Heidegger’s philosophy of death, his binaries of falling and fleeing, anxiety and fear, and authentic and inauthentic. For me, her work embodies Heidegger’s understanding of being-at-an-end and being-towards-an-end.

Olivia Ward

Full review and more genius curatorial insights from Ward here.


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