Artspace End of Year Finissage

On Saturday 13 December Artspace, both galleries and studio spaces alike, will be opened to the public for a day of celebration. Featuring performances, open studios, music and a keynote public talk with Claire Bishop (leading theorist, art historian and Professor of Contemporary Art at City University of New York), the afternoon promises to be an exciting event that will bring a successful 2014 to a close.



Open Studios at Artspace
The 2014 Artspace studio artists will open the doors to their studios for visitors to join them for informal discussions about their practice and to view work created whilst in residency at Artspace.
WITH: Khadim Ali, Tane Andrews, Ella Barclay, David Burns, Brian Fuata, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Natalya Hughes, Anna Kristensen, Casey Legler, Todd McMillan, Adam Norton and Mark Shorter
LOCATION: Artspace Level 2
BOOKING: n/a, free and open to the public

Performance Month #4
The second in a series of daylong performance programs throughout the Gunnery, curated by Francesca Heinz and Artspace Studio Resident Mark Shorter.
WITH: Sach Catts, Clare M Cooper, Michaela Davies, Elise Harmsen, Shane Haseman, Jane Polkinghorne, Matte Rochford, Mark Shorter and Ben Terakes
LOCATION: throughout the building
BOOKING: n/a, free and open to the public

FROM 12.30PM TO 1.30PM

Making Time with Tessa Zettel
NSW Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging) artist Tessa Zettel will host the final event of her Making Time project. Making Time is an open kitchen laboratory where participants share strategies for preservation – of food but also of the self. Following a series of preserving workshops held during the exhibition in various locations around Woolloomooloo, Making Time now opens up one last time for an informal jar swap and conversation. To participate, bring along a jar of something you’ve preserved yourself to exchange for someone else’s.
LOCATION: Artspace galleries
BOOKING: n/a, free and open to the public


Keynote Presentation with Claire Bishop, Dance in Museums
Leading theorist Claire Bishop (Professor, City University of New York) will present her keynote speech, Dance in Museums. Over the last five years, discussions about performance have focused on dance in the museum, displacing the millennial preoccupation with re-enactment. At the same time, the question of how to acquire and display performance as part of a museum’s permanent collection is far from fully resolved. This talk looks at developments in three museums (two in New York, one in London) that have attempted to integrate dance into their gallery spaces, and at two recent artist-curated projects that have approached the conjunction of dance and museums in a more discursive fashion. Following the presentation, Frances Barrett (Artist and Curator Contemporary Performance, Campbelltown Arts Centre) will lead a short Q&A session to enable the audience to engage with the discussion.
LOCATION: Artspace, Level 2
BOOKING: recommended, via eventbrite


Drinks, music and celebration at Artspace
Following the presentation of Dance in Museums, Artspace invites visitors to relax in the galleries and Level 2 for a refreshing afternoon drink and music. DJ Bla-bla Kruger will help us celebrate the close of an exciting 2014.
LOCATION: throughout the building
BOOKING: n/a, free and open to the public
DATE: Saturday 13 December, from midday
LOCATION: Artspace galleries and studios
BOOKING: n/a, free and open to the public

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