The Notion of Family. Of Braddock, Pennsylvania

“I am not a journalist. I am a conceptual documentary artist that is using my visual expression for building narratives that are unseen and unheard. I am pushing for cultural and social change through a different story that runs parallel to a lot of the media coverage discussing Braddock…that avoids crucial issues.

“It is the fact that we still haven’t dealt with this as a society or culture. A slow violence is occurring all the time. The media and journalists tend to go toward headlines, but this is something that has been slowly troubling for a long time. This is about how industry impacted quality of life, and led to conditions of economic inequality… I am staying inspired because I am watching history repeat itself with the rise of the creative class—people not interested or invested in the residents that have taken the last 30 year hit.”

“If we fail to change, history will repeat itself.”

LaToya Ruby Frazier

large_Ch25_Latoya_Ruby_frazier_02 large_Ch25_Latoya_Ruby_frazier_01



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