from the ‘Glasgow: Second City of the Empire’ series

dougie_wallace-omnibus-the_queen_WEB27-1000x667 dougie_wallace-scotland_bus-small_mouth_WEB28-1000x667 dougie_wallace-scotland-bus-celtic-shop_WEB29-1000x667 dougie_wallace-scotland-bus-red-riding-hood_WEB30-1000x667 dougie_wallace-omnibus-putting_on_the_ritz_WEB26-1000x667

“The health area covering Kensington & Chelsea had the UK’s highest life expectancy at birth, 84.4 years for men and 89.0 years for women.

For men, Greater Glasgow & Clyde had the lowest life expectancy 73.1 and 78.9 years for women which was also the lowest in the UK.

It struck me as ridiculous that in my home town of Glasgow the average age a person could hope to reach was 54 whereas in Iraq, after 10 years of sanctions, a war and a continuing conflict, suicide bombs and insurgency, the average person has a good chance of making it into their 60s. In Kensington and Chelsea a person could expect to live well in to 80s. I wanted to look at these two locations that form part of the same kingdom through the prism of a bus window and see if you could spot their differences by just looking at their top halves.

I’ve never taken a formal portrait in my life, but due to the proximity of the shots some of them have become intimate portraits. I think they capture something a posed photograph never could. The subject might be deep in thought and caught at a moment when they don’t imagine anyone is watching. Even when they do catch my eye it’s fleeting, like I’m in their periphery of vision. I am more interested in the project-based approach rather than the single-image approach. I want to create projects that are meaningful and have social statements.”

Dougie Wallace


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