from the ‘Photographs rendered in Play-doh’ series by Eleanor Macnair


Original photograph: 2008_02zL0189, from ‘Broken Manual’ by Alec Soth rendered in Play-Doh, 2015


Original photograph: Untitled film still #21, 1978 by Cindy Sherman rendered in Play-Doh, 2015


Original photograph: Identical Twins, Roselle, N.J., 1967 by Diane Arbus rendered in Play-Doh, 2015


Original photograph: Untitled, 1975 by William Eggleston rendered in Play-Doh, 2016


Original photograph: Zissou’s bobsled with wheels, after the bend by the gate, Rouzat, August 1908 by J H Lartigue rendered in Play-Doh, 2015


Original photograph: Noire and Blanche, 1926 by Man Ray rendered in Play-Doh, 2015


Original photograph: Nan, one month after being battered, 1984 by Nan Goldin rendered in Play-Doh, 2015

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