‘Chadories’ by Batool Showgh

Batool-Showghi-2-Chadories-1024x777 Batool-Showghi-Closure-1022x1024 Batool-Showghi-Conformity-1-1024x758 Batool-Showghi-Conformity-no-2-1024x767 Batool-Showghi-Geghanoushs-birth-certificate-1024x261 Batool-Showghi-Hidden-Under-details-1024x385 Batool-Showghi-Now-Then-1024x1012 Batool-Showghi-One-Summer-Day-1024x258 Batool-Showghi-Reflection-1024x703 Batool-Showghi-The-Birth-Certificate-Series-1024x1003 Batool-Showghi-The-veil-Series-1024x681

Recently I created a series of works under the theme of Chadories; which encompasses a series of issues to do with conformity, uniformity and closure.

These works examine the physical limits that women can have with regard to cultural and religious boundaries. They show the enforcement of cultural conformity and obedience, which is imposed on women. They show how constantly women are shrouded and have to hide their identities, ideologies and voices and live through secret and disguise to get by. Women are constantly enforced and conditioned to an extreme censorship of their physical and mental being.

I use the medium of photography in the form of Artists books, Collages and mixed media manipulations to convey my stories. The thread and stitching here symbolises restrictions of movement and confinement.

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  1. Marie - Yolda Chemin Faisant said:

    very beautiful, surprising and modern 🙂

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