from an interview with Jesse Marlow

LC: All (or almost all) of us are street photographers at this point. As in, we all take photos of the world around us on a near constant basis. But what was your “a-ha” moment with street photography—when something clicked and you realized you wanted to take it a little more seriously/deliberately?

JM: When I began at photography school, I was lucky enough to have a really inspiring lecturer (who went on to become my mentor) named Rei Zunde. He showed us the work of Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Joseph Koudelka and many others. Part of our class in the first year was to head into the city with a bag of film. These “city walks” were focused on shooting candidly on the busy urban streets. I was instantly hooked. I continued shooting in this style on the streets of Melbourne and have never stopped.

LC: Do you go out expressly to shoot your work or is it always spur of the moment? Is there a conscious mindset that you embrace or is it a constant, fundamental way of seeing the world?

JM: I have had periods of time where I went out specifically to shoot, but often I found this approach put unnecessary pressure on myself and an expectation to come home with results. Thus, over the last five years or so—as life and my commercial work have become busier—I’ve found the best approach is to simply carry a camera at all times.

With the camera around my neck, I am constantly aware of the forms around me, and on the look out for something that could lead to an interesting shot. This doesn’t mean that I’m constantly finding such moments, however! But it’s this uncertainty that I love about street photography.

Full interview by Alexander Strecker here.


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