from the ‘Protected Privacy – Protect Yourself!’ series

“The photos are taken from the portrait series “Protected Privacy – Protect Yourself!” which I commenced in 2014.
The series addresses how young people deal with today’s media. As “digital natives” their use of the information possibilities offered by the Internet and social networks comes easily and natural to them. At the same time, through the use of social media, information is also being fed to this media. The people document their life, show where they currently are, usually live, how they celebrate and what they eat and wear.

In my portrait series the person and portrait as the viewer’s source of information and reflection are the aspects that interest me.  My work primarily concerns information that is unnaturally suppressed, obscured and hidden, which is not received by the viewer and leads to some irritation. Additionally I am interested very much in reduction and simplicity, sometimes reducing the portrait of a person to a sculpture. When the people realize that the portraits I take do not show a kind of masquerade but rather simply reduce the person by “protecting” itself they very often start to interact with me and come back to me with their own ideas. I have the impression that seeing their portrait framed on a wall the people are much more sensitive about themselves and the information that can be taken from the picture than by posting it to the Internet – although it is the same image.

All digitally recorded portraits in the series “Protected Privacy – Protect yourself!” are captured in a daylight studio without artificial lighting.”

Stefanie Minzenmay



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