from the ‘Predicament’ series

“The project mainly based on my own experience surrounded by conservative culture background. Under the restricted reality, I photographed most of these people that I knew from my dating apps. Then I edited these introspect portraits, dreamy domestic space and intimate details together getting translated in a specific visual language. The composition of images renders me the opportunity of introspection on the feeling of loneliness, confusion and pain stemming from the construction of my identity.

My project also seems to explore the relation between the space and the individual. The space seems irrelevant, we are used to living around it in our daily life, but actually it holds its significance, it is the metaphor and the representation of ideologies, histories and traps that are hard to escape. The contrast between the restrictions from the spaces and the feeling from my mind leads me to experience the overloaded sense of estrangement.”

Jiatu Gu

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