Artistic Residencies

My artistic residency in Paris begins today, in a chic studette in 8ème arrondissement. In my pocket, there’s a little artist diary craving for cutting-edge art and studio visits and shows and galleries and museums and openings and curatorial meetings and talks and art book launches and sleepless nights and caffeinated mornings. Each day, I will introduce you to one artist that I (re)discovered and loved.

By Sylvain Cøhr


On Sunday, 30 November, at the BigCi Open Day, I will talk about emotional cartography and launch the first ever public display of the BigCi counter-mapping project I undertook with Andrei Miroiu as part of our artistic residency at Bilpin in June this year (Click here for more info)



Hill End Artists in Residence Program are open for applications!

The Residency Program is based in Haefligers Cottage and Studio and Murrays Cottage at Hill End. The program is managed by Bathurst Regional Art Gallery in partnership with the Department of Environment & Heritage NSW Parks and Wildlife Service.

Hill End is an amazing little arsty village with an incredibile landscape and a rich cultural history.

 2015 applications close Friday 31 October 2014. Check out for more details here.