Almost four years after AFP and Getty stole stole 8 of Morel’s Haiti earthquake photos, the photographer WINS:

“After a week of drama and humiliation in court, Agence France Presse and Getty Images had been ordered to pay Morel $1.22m damages for wilful copyright infringement and violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.”

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us0000189Winners: Daniel Morel with attorney Joseph Baio,

photographer Phyllis Galembo and attorney Emma James.

Photo by Jeremy Nicholl

Many, many thanks to the Australian Copyright Council for their brief and clear copyright guidelines.

Key points

• Generally, copyright in photos lasts for the life of the creator plus 70 years.

• Copyright has expired in photos taken prior to 1 January 1955.

• Ownership of a photo varies depending on the circumstances under which it was taken.

• You will not own copyright just because you own the camera.

• Photographers also have moral rights in relation to their works.

Please check out full guidelines here.