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Tonight I’m speaking at the Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia 2014 Conference (JERAA) about social media, photography and identity. There is a strong linkage between them as they highly influence each other’s development and understanding. And it is all due to digitisation 🙂

For the full program and avenues, look here.

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  • Berlin: BEST-Sabel-Bildungszentrum
  • Berlin: Neue Schule für Fotografie
  • Berlin: Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie und Gestaltung Berlin
  • Berlin: Photoacademy Urbschat Berlin
  • Berlin: design akademie berlin – Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design (FH)
  • Berlin: f/16 school for photography
  • Cologne: Cologne Academy of Applied Sciences
  • Düsseldorf: University of Applied Sciences
  • Essen: Folkwang University of the Arts
  • Frankfurt am Main: Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste Frankfurt- Städelschule
  • Halle: Burg Giebichenstein – Hochschule für Kunst und Design Halle
  • Hamburg: BTK University of Applied Sciences
  • Hamburg: University of Fine Arts of Hamburg
  • Hildesheim: University of Applied Sciences and Arts
  • Iserlohn: BTK University of Applied Sciences
  • Magdeburg: Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences
  • Mainz: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
  • Muenster: Münster University of Applied Sciences
  • Munich: Munich University of Applied Sciences
  • Pforzheim: privatschule für foto-design Pforzheim
  • Wismar: University of Technology, Business and Design

Hunter Valley Wine and Food Month:

Landscape photography or a painting/drawing workshop

Presented by Art2Public

Event Details


25 Charlton Street
NSW 2325

4Photo by Crisia M Photography


Saturday 29 Jun 2013 from 11:30am to 6:30pm (Australia/Melbourne)

Closing date

Thursday 27 Jun 2013 11:30pm (Australia/Melbourne)

Join our hosts Crisia and Dominique for a special day trip that will excite your creativity. We have designed two landscape art workshops suited for beginners of all ages who wish to improve their artistic skills. You can choose between digital photography or a painting/drawing workshop.  Both workshops will provide theory, practical and critique sessions. Home made lunch and afternoon tea provided.

First time in Sydney: 5 day Magnum workshop 20-24 May is specially designed to challenge and push limits. Participants will have the opportunity to work on projects at their own interest and choice guided by one of the Magnum tutors around – Ian Berry, Eli Reed or Chris Steele-Perkins.

Daily shooting, editing, discussing, presenting, reviewing, criticising, mentoring – you’ll have it all. The event will culminate in an exhibit of participants’ artworks as part of the Head On Festival. And there’s more: through the generous support of Magnum’s educational partners Blurb, workshop participants will also have the opportunity to further their editing experience through the production of 8”x10” group Blurb book.

It’s all so exciting! Secure your spot by applying here. Till Sunday 24 April.

Interested in Sydney photography walks for beginners? Andrew Aylett is willing to share some photo secrets for 2 hours in groups of 8. Sydney street art & laneways, Sydney sunset coastal walk, Sydney essentials night walk, and Sydney city view bay walk are all yours to photo attack them under profesionally advice for only $39. More details here.

That’s the best deal that money can buy: a 18-module, certificated, self-assessment iPhotography course valued at $616.09 is now on sell for $69 with Groupon vouchers. Just click here.

The offer promises:

  • 18-module course (Introduction to Photography, The World of Digital Photography, Photography Types and Categories, Shutter Speed Explained, Aperture Explained, Basic Composition, Advanced Composition, A Detailed Look at Light, Photographing in Black and White, Shooting Travel, Advanced Travel Photography, Effective Portrait Photography, Capturing People, Tips From the Professionals, Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them, Developing Your Photographic Diary, Advanced Photographic Editing Part I and Advanced Photographic Editing Part II)
  • Self-assessment after each module
  • Downloadable pass certificate
  • Unlimited access to learning portal
  • Bonus tutorials, tools, and resources
  • Dedicated course tutor
  • On-going help and support
  • Networking area
  • No expiry date on course access
  • Course is accredited by the International Accreditation Organisation

If the course won’t be the best around, you can ask for your money back (a friend had a not-very pleasant experience with Groupon and they immediately reimbursed her – which made her go back to them and have a lot of other very pleasant experiences with them), but tell me one thing: are you spending anything less on a Friday nite out?

Sydney Photography Walks by School DJB World Photography are brand new and totally free!

Learn to use your camera in manual mode while having a nice 2 hours long walk in Sydney CBD. You might end up with some pretty cool urban shoots!

Hurry up, there’s a 8 spot limit – just click the link below to get a place 🙂

The awesome organisers are kindly asking you that if you get a place to make sure you’ll actually turn up!!! 🙂

Remember mentioning how cool is Robin Nichols? The Centre for Continuing Education at Sydney Uni  offers a new course taught by him – this time a ‘live’ one. The course is 7 hours long, it focuses on iPad photography and it lasts for only one day – 25 January. If you are interested, you should hurry up! (The cost is of $225)

However, the course is pretty basics (it teaches you how the Apple iPad and the iOS5 platform work, how to transfer pictures and videos into, how to use the iPad’s internal camera settings, and how to buy, add and use some apps). It looks to me like nothing you haven’t already learnt since the day you bought your tablet.

But it would be a good opportunity to meet Robin, have a good chat, find out some insights on phonetography or general tips on shooting.

However, I’d like to seize the chance to underline that not only the smartphones won terribile grounds in photography, but also the tablets. Although I grant them the beautiful, big screens with displays of superior quality (just think about the iPad with a retina display! using big screens or wall projections to check out the quality of some photos doesn’t make a lot of sense now), I find them difficult to handle (yeah, it’s the big screen again!)

The Centre for Continuing Education at Sydney Uni offers a new course on photography: Learn Photography Online Course: The Complete Guide to Photography Basics The course will run between 4 March – 1 August (5 months), includes 12 assignments, and promises to teach you heaps on: the anatomy of a camera, features, image stabilisation; camera parts, device terminology, accessories; exposure; understanding exposure; shutter speeds, aperture and ISO and their creative use; focussing techniques and more – which makes it a total hit for a beginner! The tutor is Robin Nichols (great photographer – check out his blog) who has a great experience in teaching (a blog on his workshops and photo tours here – you might one a keep an eye open for future opportunities!)

However, the class is 100% online (if there is any personal attention span that you are aware of which might affect your online learning capabilities, think twice). The price is also a little bit up for an online class: $450 AUD.

Check out here a tutorial sample to know what to expect: