Documentary Photography

elena_anosova-out-of-the-way-photogrvphy_magazine_07elena_anosova-out-of-the-way-photogrvphy_magazine_10elena_anosova-out-of-the-way-photogrvphy_magazine_02236e5066-f022-4837-a622-d970e1cb746165cbc0f4-fa03-4627-9fb0-151b232a95f63877cb17-4e91-4d59-b55c-cd83265b57c1Life of this part of my family — my father’s siblings and numerous cousins and nephews — has not changed for centuries in that remote area surrounded with pristine wilderness. Modern civilization penetrates slowly and fragmentarily in there, it is intricately woven into the local way of life. The closest town is 300 km away, and the transport connection functions only in winter time. Local and family legends and traditions are still mighty in the settlement.

By Elena Anosova