On Photography

“With my photographs, I hope to show the past in the present and become part of the process of pressuring life for the future. As our television sets carry us boldly about the world, and as the chainsaws fell the last trees that hide the lost peoples, we lose an essential mystery, and with it, the wisdom which may lie there. If we would be citizens of that world, then we must do all we can to ensure the survival of that world. As only one form of life on Earth, we must keep our humility and finally honor life itself. Once the fragile umbilical cord to our primal past has been severed, we will find ourselves truly alone, without purpose, adrift in a vast space with nowhere to go.”

Chris Rainier

“I can go into the wilderness and not see anyone for days and experience a kind of space that hasn’t changed for tens of thousands of years. Having that experience was necessary to my perception of how photography can look at the changes humanity has brought about in the landscape. My work does become a kind of lament.”

Edward Burtynsky

2009, HD video, single Channel, 22:20 min,
English with German subtitles
Actors: Marco Albrecht, Chris Woltmann
Camera/Lighting: Steve Kfoury
Sound: Marcel Timm
Dolly Operator: Hagen Eltzsch
Make-up: Gülten Özcan-Tomm
Editor: Sven Voß
Text: Sven Johne
Translations: Louise Bromby, Chris Woltmann