Are you looking to improving your photoediting skills?

Photographer, designer and photoeditor Robert Thomas offers a great deal of advice about photography and image processing techniques on his Photo Blog Stop. I have discovered here one of the most solid and detailed explanation on how Photoshop blend modes work – with graphics, images, print screens, literally everything you need to know about it. Click, click, click!

Although the blog is not updated for the past few months, you can always contact him directly or get in touch on ‘WikiTek‘ 🙂

65277_10151287470713124_1662768558_nThe Instagram Old Filters aficionados have a new chance: they can actually buy a set of presets for Lightroom recreating the first version of the Instagram filters for $20 (or at least if they live in the USA). Nevertheless, the Instagram new filters are also on sale for the same prize. Getting both of them with the same click will save $10.

More on the issue at the Photoblogger.

However, think twice: the price is dirty cheap for nice presets, but would you really want all your photos to look as if they were all taken with your phone?

Besides, what photoshop-er are you if you are buying presets?