Portrait Photography

“I started taking pictures when I was in high school in Italy many years ago—my first camera was a Nikon FM that I borrowed from my father. Back in the day, I used to develop and print photos at home in an improvised darkroom. I can still recall that feeling of anticipation from each image I was about to develop. Ever since then, photography has become an inseparable part of my life, and along the way, my focus and style have changed and evolved.

I incorporate all kinds of subject matter in my photographs: architecture, nature, weather, and humans, among other things. More than anything, I want to show how we interact with spaces; I try to combine street photography and an awareness of architectural spaces. In the beginning, I was mainly interested in travel, geometric patterns, and portraits. During my years at the University of Architecture in Venice, however, my main focus naturally shifted to architecture and buildings.

After that: New York City! It’s a unique city with so many stories. Those stories triggered my passion when I moved here 7 years ago. I like to observe people and travel through their lives using my imagination (and my camera).

My photos are tied to people and their environment, their movements, and their emotions. I’m interested in the little quirks that connect us as humans—those are the mundane things I want to document with my photography. Shooting has become a daily routine for me: I feel that it brings the world a little closer to me, especially in New York City.

When I photograph, I focus first on the people, then the light. My pictures are not necessarily about beauty, but more about hunting people in this “concrete jungle.” I like strong contrasts, comic situations, and interesting faces, and this is reflected in my style: my images are often high-contrast and try to convey a unique intimacy.”

Michele Palazzo

21st April 2017 (Today's Look)from Don’t Take Me Out Of My Melons © Jocelyn Allen, 21st April 2017
Old top that I don’t like wearing in public anymore as it took me too long to realise that if I lean over I flash my bra/boobs, trousers that I wore out once in public but felt self-conscious wearing so they are now in the homewear only pile (with toothpaste stains as I can’t seem to brush my teeth without making a mess anymore), 2 pairs of slippers (one – my pair – not really visible, boyfriend’s pair visible), no makeup (haven’t worn any makeup since July, wore makeup twice last year – once for a costume party and once for 1 wedding out of 3 that I attended), brushed hair that I washed yesterday (it’s usually every 4ish days), hairy legs as I haven’t ‘dealt’ with them since February (I went on holiday to warmer climates) and a hot water bottle for period pain as I try to avoid painkillers as much as possible (except when it comes to tooth pain – wisdom tooth removal is not pleasant).
Also hidden: Bracelet that I made when I was a teenager, a watch (boyfriend’s one that he gave to me after my similar one broke – which was identical to one I bought in 2009, my parents also wear similar watches), a bra(fairly old, I hate bra shopping so I usually just wear the ones that my mum gets me for Christmas), armpit hair(my skin is sensitive, shaving is too much work and epilating hurts so I’m going to try to embrace the neatly trimmed armpit hair look this summer whilst being self-conscious about it), 2 x temporary medicated fillings(I’ve never been to the dentist as many times as I have this year), permanent fillings (wish I had looked after my teeth better – can’t be bothered to go and count them in the mirror), pants (I’ve never been into small underwear, these ones I don’t wear very often but I need to wash my clothes – they are meant to not be visible through clothes but I still see them under the new trousers I bought so I’m too self-conscious to wear those too), pubic hair (I’ve never understood the prepubescent look/can’t be bothered with more pain), menstrual cup (wish I had bought one years before I did) and a liner (because the cup still isn’t perfect).

*BJP Winners 2017, Graduate Single Image