By Brigitte Konyen


“Pictures are part of who we are, like food and drink. Through pictures, we gain a better understanding of the world. Pictures in our homes are an offer open in all directions, they expand our horizon and give shelter to our fantasies. Pictures are always there for us, at day and night, in any light, as faithful companions and stimuli. Pictures, whether large or small, calm or animated, create additional windows in the spaces we inhabit; we see, as it were, through their surfaces into our own imaginary spaces, the spaces of our souls.”

Walter Keller

“I used to believe that art can save the world. That power, I believed, would be in my art as well. Today, I don’t feel so strongly about this. All I know is that it is the world that changes everything; it changes me, it changes us, it changes the arts, so it can change itself, the world…”

Rudolf Sikora