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One of the world’s most prestigious photo festivals, Head On is calling for photographers to compete for prizes across five categories: Portrait, Landscape, Mobile, Moving Image and Students. Professional and emerging photographers, photo journalists and artists are encouraged to submit to the Head On Photo Awards from 1 February (deadline closes 1 March) 2015.

Across 5 categories, 16 judges, 160 finalists and $50 000 in prizes, the Head On Awards represent a global selection of the best emerging and established photography. Our anonymous judging ensures each work is selected solely on its merit rather than the celebrity of the photographer.

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Head On – Australia’s largest photography festival – starts on the 12th of May!

Go here to dowload the program. But beweare:

900 Photographers | 100 Venues | 200 Events

You might miss some 😉

Gaffa Creative Precinct, Sydney

Jana Maré ‘Around the House’

Maré’s practice explores performance in front of the camera using the artist’s body.

Maré states “To perform in front of camera – to appear sculptural and at times lifeless – makes me feel alive, especially inside forbidden environments with limited time to photograph. The work is intuitive with a sense of urgency and spontaneity.”

Using the artist’s body in open natural light, the work exhibited explores interior spaces, the psychology of the home left empty and forgotten. The body emerges as furniture, a part of the architecture, the foundations, lending to this space an exposed human presence, camouflaged and part of the urban interior landscape.

Natalie Blom ‘The Shattered Horizon’

“Stare out across the shattered horizon, to see there, what does not exist.”

‘The Shattered Horizon’ is a photographic exhibition which hopes to provide a glimpse into a place that only exists within the dimension of time. The exhibition showcases a series of multiple exposures onto expired film using a primitive camera. The exhibition explores the dimension of time and how that can influence representations of real world places. These images are comprised of representations of real work places, which can only exist with the intrusion and influence of the motion and time.

Peter Whyte ‘Near Death’

‘Near Death’ is a body of work investigating the structural beauty of dying botanical specimens. These objects are very familiar, to the point of iconic in their living and full colour state.

But as death nears, their structural complexity and beauty is accentuated. In the dark of my studio is where things come to life. Capturing achromatically, I try to sculpt the objects out of the dark by introducing just enough light.

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Exhibits Now Showing:

State Library of NSW, Sydney
– Head On Portrait Prize
Magnum on Set
– Benjamin Lowy
Belinda Mason
Sydney Street Photographers
– Head On Momento Pro Photobok of the Year Awards

Artist Talk – Caroline McLean-Foldes, Mim Stirling
Introduction by Moshe Rosenzveig
Where: Arthere Exhibition Space, Redfern
When: 3pm

Screening – Restrepo; A film co-directed by Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger
Where: Stills Gallery, Paddington
When: 5.30pm FREE ENTRY