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A 2013 Pulitzer Prize with four other Associated Press photographers for breaking-news coverage of Syria’s civil war, Rodrigo Abd captured these portraits in Guatemala with a 19th-century-style wooden box camera bought on the streets of Kabul.

His subjects couldn’t move for 60 seconds in order for the photo paper to be properly exposed: “It’s amazing — the result of people looking into the lens for, like, one minute,” Abd said. “You can’t act in front of that camera. It shows nothing but yourself.” Via CNN Photos.

Heidi Sofia Chitop Grave, Mayan pageant queen

Juan Garcia, homeless
Urbano Daniel Mazariegos, sugar cane cutter
Juanito, clown
Jose Antonio Roca, peasant
Karla Perez, transgender activist, stylist
Juan Matei, market loader
“El Criminal,” a gang member of the Mara 18


On 30 May, when arriving at work, Chicago Sun-Times 28 full-time staff photographers found out they did not work there anymore. The decision was unforseeable and immediately effective. One of the laid off staffers was John H. White, Pulitzer Prize winner for feature photography in 1982, praised for his “consistently excellent work on a variety of subjects.”

The newspaper released a statement revealing its plans of using only freelancing photographers, and suggesting that video becomes more important in news reporting than photography…

In the next couple of days, editorial employees were hurried up into taking an ‘iPhone Photography Basics’ class:


It looks that Chicago Sun-Times trades off professional photographers for iPhone dudes. There is no doubt which are the losses.