Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear Photoliciouxes!

I’m very grateful for the beautiful, first year, that we have spent together!

It all started as a bet to dedicate myself to a daily project. It became much more than that, a way to express my passion for photography, a chance to make friends and to discover more beautiful minds and eyes out there, and, eventually, it became a part of me.

To many, happy years of Photolicioux!

Some truly amazing, and very original, photos of Sydney New Year’s fireworks by Edwina Pickles:

dksfire14-20140101005350682142-940x628dksfire14-20140101005110398174-940x628 dksfire14-20140101005300952814-940x628 dksfire14-20140101005332753074-940x628 dksfire14-20140101005802716016-940x628

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