Michael Ernest Sweet on his ‘best’ photograph



“I like this photograph. Is it my “best”? I’m not too sure. That’s a very hard thing to determine. When I started this feature, I thought it would be easy for photographers to talk about their best image. I was wrong. When trying to select my own image, I quickly became aware of how hard this task truly is. I like the moment in this image, the light (dynamic range) and the cigarette smoke. It’s a dramatic image and, at the same time, a quiet moment when someone has stepped outside for a smoke – a break. Photographing in this light was a challenge, especially as I only use compact cameras, and, yet, I kind of nailed it. I think this is a strong image in some ways, but how could I ever know if it is my best? I think Joel is right, BEST is indeed a superlative.”

Michael Ernest Sweet

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