on how to be your own portfolio reviewer

Quite good 10 pieces of advice from Brooke Shade:

  1. Choose which images are your favorites and which are your least favorite.

    1. In doing this, you can begin to critique your portfolio in the most obvious way: by what you simply like and don’t like! Most people will be able to, in about 5 minutes or less, identify which images of theirs they personally are more connected to versus those that they enjoy less.
    2. By doing this, the artist can begin to identify the things about those images that he or she likes and does not like. For the favorite image, write down all of the reasons why it is your favorite. For the least favorite, write down all of the reasons why you are not connected to it.
    3. By doing this, you have a good start to a list of things that identify where you want to go in your photography. You know how you want to move forward and also what did not work for you in the past.
    4. Once you understand what you believe to be your strong and weak points, it will be easier to dive into the rest of your portfolio.

      9 more here.

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